The best drinking game for your night out, night in, or anything in between!

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New School Drinking Game

Are you tired of the classic drinking games like beer pong and kings game? Those games are great but maybe it is time to spice things up with something new.

Last Call for Alcohol is a drinking card game that is guaranteed to be just as fun sober as when you can barely read the cards. The game is quick to learn and fast to play. New players will catch on quickly but still might fall prey to veteran, big-brain strategies. Also, It plays great in groups of any size. Invite everyone!

Last Call for Alcohol Logo
Last Call for Alcohol Logo

Earn your victory!

Three actions are all you need to master in this party game. Swap, Shift, or Skip in order to collect the lowest value card on the table. Stay away from the high value cards because the higher the value, the more you drink.

Sounds easy, right? I guess I should mention you only know the value of your card and you'll have to come up with clever ways to figure out everyone else's

Do you trust your friends? You'll need to outsmart and outlast them through fast paced rounds where each player moves closer and closer to being eliminated.

First player to go over 20 points or turn over the X card ends the game. The player with the least points at that time wins!

3-12 Players | Age 21+ | 10 minute playtime